1. Random Illustrations for a school magazine, that were never published. Matt Dillon and Michael Phelps. November, 2013


  2. Helmut Snoodie, the original piece which inspired the below collection. Handknit by me


  3. "Space Cadet" Knitwear Collection, 2012.



  5. Type/Poster Exploration Series. December 2012.


  6. This is spontaneous collaboration that happened when my beautiful scottish friend Vanita was visiting the city this summer. Vanita plays the wind blown woman in this music video directed by Kyle C Mumford and cinematography by Hunter Baker. One night Vanita told me to meet her at Hunter’s apartment, where she and James Hersey were being filmed for this piece. Kyle and Hunter told me about their blackboard idea, Vanita mentioned that I was an artist, and I hopped on board! Each frame was illustrated with chalk on a 11 X 11 foot wall, painted chalk-board black. The project duration was 5 days.¬†


  7. A digital collage including some micron pen drawings from my sketchbook.



  8. water color pencil + digital, 2012

    My rendition of Ming on the runway, wearing a look by ICB. Now available at Barneys or icbnyc.com


  9. For Jerry Jones, “In the Cluh”, Volume 2, May 2012.



  10. Brenmar for The Essaye http://theessaye.com/the-warm-up-brenmar/

    Also featured on:

    Jerry Jones of The Gold River Show on East Village Radio, July 2012.